Data Center Network Build

MBRIDGE was brought on by a Fortune 1000 client to Project Manage a Data Center Network build.  This was for an 80,000 square foot facility in the North West U.S.  Due to the success of the project we were then asked to duplicate the effort 2 years later in Las Vegas.  Each project required 14 engineers, spanned multiple months, and cost over $24 Million.

data center

Data Center in the winter time when we physically built the network.

For the project we managed the following pieces:

  • Team Resources (scheduling, tasks, budgets – internal & external).

  • Budget – Over $45Million across both sites.

  • Project Schedules.

  • Milestone.s and Completion charts.

  • Status Reporting to upper Management.

  • Risk Management

  • Change Control.

  • Communications to all key stakeholders.

  • Lessons Learned.

To date we consider this a great achievement for a national client because this project also included process improvement across multiple parts of their organization.

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